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What we offer

Urban Bliss offers a variety of skin and massage therapies to improve your well-being

Your massage therapist will help you choose the right massage for your specific needs

  • Blissful Swedish 55 min $59 or 80 min $89

    Relaxing full body massage using long, smooth strokes that aids in circulation...chill-out and fall asleep

  • Combo Bliss 55 min $69 or 80 min $99

    Best of both worlds...more time on back neck shoulders with some added pressure includes relaxation through out the whole body...enjoy the bliss

  • Deep Bliss 55 min $79 or 80 min $109

    A customized massage (full body or just back) using medium to very deep pressure and techniques that are designed to relieve chronic tension... hurts so good

  • Customized Sport Massage 55 min $89 or 80 min $119

    Chronic issues? The therapist will customize your treatment using physical therapy techniques and may only work on areas that need it most to increase functional improvement...feel the burn

  • Blissed By Stones 55 min $99 or 80 min $129

    Full body massage using warm heated stones throughout the body to melt away tension and stress...feel the zen 

  • Pre-natal Bliss 55 min $79 or 80 min $109

    A side-lying massage designed for the comfort and safety of the Mother and Baby.  Relax while the tension fades away... floating on a cloud

  • Lymph Massage (Kim Only) 55 mins $79 or 80 mins $109

    The massage is designed to get your body back on track. Special techniques and a 1 oz pressure are used to move fluid through your body to reduce swelling and inflammation.

    Post surgical lymph massage is highly recommended.  Varying pressures may be used.

Half The Bliss

Limited Time?

  • Foot Massage with Scrub 30 min $40

    Rejuvenate tired calves and feet with 30 minutes of massage, enjoy the scrub as a finishing touch 

  • Back Neck Shoulders 30 min Light $40; Deep $45

    Sitting at a desk too long?  We will concentrate on only those areas that need it most

Massage Enhancements

Add an enhancement for just $15 each (included in massage time)

  • hot stone massage icon
    Hot Stone
  • massage cupping icon
  • foot scrub icon
    Foot Scrub
  • back scrub icon
    Back Scrub
  • extra massage towels icon
    Extra Massage
    15 min $20


Your esthetician will complete a skin analysis to determine the best facial to achieve your desired results

  • Eminence Organic Signature Facial 60 min $95

    A biodynamic organic product that offers solutions for all skin types:

    • Brightening
    • Clear Skin
    • Calming
    • Age Defying
  • Skin Script Rx 50 min $80

    A natural fruit enzyme product that will leave your skin feeling amazing, smells great too

    • Cherry Blossom
    • Lemon Zest
    • Tropical Breeze   
    • Charcoal
  • Express Facial 30 min $60

    We will do just the essentials using the products that work best for your skin.

    Add extractions for $15


Get More Out of Your Facial

  • Microderm $25

    Deep skin removal

  • Oxygen $30

    Increased absorption

  • Ultrasonic $15

    Deep cleaning

  • Face-lift $15

    Tighten muscles

  • Eye $15

    Reduce puffiness

  • Lip $15


Skin Treatments

  • Full Body Satin Skin Scrub 30 min $50

    A full body polish that visibly removes dead skin cells, it Micro-exfoliates dead cells instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter and helps balance uneven skin pigmentation

CBD Services

CBD is a 100% Natural, Non-psychoactive,  organic compound from the hemp plant with significant medical benefits that does not make users feel “high” 

  • CBD is all natural, vegan, gluten free, paraben free and Non-GMO
  • CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it won't get you high
  • CBD has been proven to have many medicinal benefits
  • CBD is legal in all 50 U.S. States

  • CBD Wellness Massage $80

    We've paired our Combo Bliss with the added therapeutic value of lavender CBD (100mg per oz) 60 minutes (no discounts or coupons)

  • New CBD add-in $30

    Enhance any treatment with a personal CBD roll-on that you take home. 

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